Replace your out-of-date manual vents with E-Vents. The affordable home-automation solution increases your comfort & saves energy.

Why E-vent?  

  • Lower your power bill
  • Increase your comfort
  • Control your temperature on a room by room basis
  • Increase your heating & A/C efficiency


Traditional heating and cooling systems have failed to regulate a houses' environment because of their inability to control the temperature of the individual rooms. E-Vents easily replace traditional floor or ceiling vents, are self-contained and do not require any special tools to install.  Once installed and programmed, E-Vents will increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems by managing air flow throughout your house. 


What makes the E-Vent “Energy Smart”?

  • Microprocessor Control: The microprocessor controls all the necessary electronics to open and close the E-Vent at set times.
  • All settings downloaded from the Smart Phone App are stored in protected memory and can be recalled by the smart phone at any time.
  • Thermal (Temperature) Sensor: Instead of having to “reprogram” the E-Vent when transitioning from Summer to Winter, we included a thermal sensor in the E-Vent. This way, you can program the E-Vent with both A/C and heating settings once, and the E-Vent thermal sensor will check if cool or hot air is being provided by the furnace and then runs the appropriate program.
  • Override:   The E-Vent also comes with an override limit to protect your furnace and A/C compressor.  If temperature limits are reached (showing a strain on the furnace or A/C), the E-Vents will adjust automatically to allow airflow.  These limits are defaulted and can be adjusted.

Circle Design Technology has partnered with Groviv and designed the most advanced LED grow light system on the market today.This patented system combines hardware and software to give plants exactly the wavelength and quantity of light, nutrients, moisture & temperature plants need--which often speeds up growing cycles 300% and increases nutrient qualities.

Groviv is a subsidiary of NuSkin, a premier anti-aging company committed to providing quality skin care and nutrition products. The Groviv system is creating natural products with some of the highest nutrient values in the market.  This repeatable, scalable system is proving to be the most advanced system the grow market has ever seen!

products & partners.

products and partners

LED lighting technology is highly efficient compared to traditional lighting.  Two-thirds of the electricity used for lighting in the United States is used for outdoor and industrial use.  Unfortunately, outdoor LED solutions are expensive and often fail due to design flaws.

To solve this industry wide issue, E-Star has designed and patented a low-cost, high-efficient solution. E-Star's patented micro-chip "Wave" technology balances power, heat and light.  In addition, each light communicates critical information to the user allowing them to control and maximize the lighting system.  The E-Star lighting system is modular in design, allowing electricians and end-users to deliver the exact amount of light they desire while only inventorying one product. 

E-Star is saving property owners over 70% of their electric lighting bill. In addition, by taking advantage of rebates the payoff is generally less than 2 years.

Circle Design Technology has designed and manufactured several products which are distributed by partners.  In cooperation with Liberty Safe, CDT designed, created and now manufactures thousands of product every year. Each product was designed around customer feedback and partner needs.

Surge Protector, Network and A/C HUB

LED Battery Powered Lights

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