About us

Producing technology from Design to Manufacturing--From Start to Finish.


Based outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, Circle Design's partners have been designing LED products for over 8 years and have been creating hardware and software solutions for over 30 years. Our team loves to brainstorm new ideas and find ways to design and create products that are both functional and affordable through both hardware and software solutions.

CDT has the ability to quickly design working models in order to get actual feedback from partners and customers. Adjustments and improvements are quickly made with final production costs and distribution channels in mind. Give us a call and see how we can improve the world together.


About Us

     Circle Design Technology


Creative Partners

We look for ideas, products and partners who are creative, have great ideas and a business plan to execute that idea.  When combined with our technical and design expertise, products come to life quickly and the business can begin to build.

Manufacturing Partners

We have several manufacturing partners both in the US and overseas who produce thousands of products a month.  This allows us to produce a top-quality product at competitive prices.  We have built trusting relationships that deliver on-time and respond to feedback and improvements.

Sale Channel Partners

When it comes to the success of a new product, the sales channel is key.  If a sales channel is not defined or readily available we won't design the product.

Our commitment

 Speed to Market

From Idea to Sales--we are fast and efficient. We have built a company and invested in equipment that allows us to design and build models, circuit boards and products quickly and effectively.


02. Commitment to Partnership

If you are looking for someone to design your product and be done--we are not for you.  If you are looking for a design team who will partner with you, listen to customer feedback, make improvements and manage manufacturing--you are at the right place.  We look for ideas that we can invest time and energy in and build long-term relationships working together to produce successful products. 


03. Open and Honest  

We believe in being open and honest.  Creating new products is a fun and exciting adventure filled with ups and downs.  With open and honest communication, we work together with partners, solve problems and quickly work toward solutions.